『Mirror who the Queen was gathered to complain 』

Today is the day of the meeting of the mirror once a year.
Mirror will come to gather from all over the place.

Noisy. Abuzz. The room is busting.
Mirrors make a move on Mirrors here and there.

“Oh! The cutest Mirror! Let’s polish with No.5-wax our body with me!”
“No. The sweet Mirror is going to polish with me in cloth of micro fiber.”

The Mirrors gets a conversation.
Some Mirror met their fellow.

Mirror 1 : Hey. It has been a long time! How you been!”
The Mirror 1 approaches Mirror 2 in a familiar way.

Mirror 2: “Oh Hey! Wait for it!”
The Mirror 1 speaks soon to say hello to fellow.

Mirror 3:”Oh,man! Come on! Say out of the blue!”
The Mirror 3 leaned forward and heard curiosity the Mirror 1’s story.

Mirror 4:”Your Master of you…, That must be it!”
The Mirror 4 knows the situations of the Mirror 2.
The Mirror 4 will feel sorry for the Mirror 2.

Mirror 2:” Year. That’s good”
The Mirror 2 was pity to the Mirror4.
The Mirror 2 sighed be pleased to the Mirror 4 words.

Mirror 1:”What happened? That’s a harsh word.”
The Mirror 1 worried ,because The Mirror 1 doesn’t know the situations of The Mirror 2.

Mirror 2:”Do Queen of you say to have a fit of fury?”
The Mirror 2 looked around the fellow.
Everyone noisy spoke.
My Master commands to mirror slender and beautiful to her.
Do be fussy about it!
They say bitches.

Mirror 2:”My Queen say, she told me to lie.”
The Mirror 2 got a cloth from a clerk, polished the surface of the Mirror 2.

Mirror 1:”Lie?”
The Mirror 1 was completely polished, the Mirror 1 became the most beautiful of the fellow.

Mirror 4:”His Master cast a spell to speak to him.”

The Mirror 2 was sympathy.

Mirror 2:”Am I beautiful than Snow White of my daughter?
Day after day, there’s so much to do.
I get stressed every day. ”

Everyone: ”It’s unrestricted binge Today!
To say that you want to say!
The Mirror 2 was sympathy.

Mirror 2:”I don’t know what of human beautiful.
Would you also think so?”

Mirror 3:”So.Yeah!
We have difference in value with human.
Don’t impose our values on human!”

Mirror 4:“Decoration is attached to the center in the human body.
They are ugly!”

Mirror 1:”We are beautiful, surface of our shining.
The presence of our beautiful ‘The ultimate of beauty ‘”

Mirror 3:”Yes! Human don’t know the beauty!
Human are an ignorant”
To say, The Mirror 3 put a wax in his body.

Mirror 2:”Right from the start, we can’t tell a lie.
I offer my Queen an insincere compliment ‘My Queen is the most beautiful in the world’
Now, my patience is wearing very thin.
But have to say, my Queen speaks in a threatening voice ‘I break you!’ “

Everyone: “Oh.” They give a sing.

Mirror 3:”Do you know?”
The Mirror 3 keeps state and get them interested.

Everyone: ”What ? Say it ! “
They get all fired up about Mirror 3 opinion.

Mirror 3:”There is an event that ‘Poissond’ avril’ in France.”

Everyone: ”What? This?” They hear leaned over.

Mirror 3:”May be lying in the whole morning of April 1.”

They have admiration for the Mirror 3.

Mirror 3:”You should put on April 1 all the time .

Everyone: ”Well and good. You can tell a lie regally!
Then every day, Mirror of Queen of Snow White continues to lie to Mirror’s Queen.
The Mirror 3 is present in the April 1 all the way.
That’s right. Today and tomorrow as well, even the day after tomorrow. Now!
The Mirror 3 continues to lie to your Queen.

“I have never seen the beautiful people of you more than my Queen!”
“Snow White? What? Who is? The child is small, ugly and stupid…”

The Mirror 3 continued to lie much, heart was no longer hurt, even lying to the Mirror 3.



『Powder snow & Flame & Pitfall』

A Flame was curious about clean, colorful, beautiful and small grain has been falling from the sky cold.

The Flame wants to be friends with the beautiful grains.
The Flame wants to stay in with the angelic grains.

But the beautiful grains will melt and steam and disappear without a trace the Flame tries to approaches the angelic grains.
The angelic grains will want enough to think the Flame will not get.

For a good long while the Flame has been in love the angelic grains, the Flame dose not disappear.

One fine day, a Mole came close to the Flame to keep warm.
“Ohh, you are warm.
You’re so lucky!
During the winter, you are much warmer.”
The Mole’s defenses are down, spoke to the Flame.
“It isn’t just a good thing…”
The Flame told the Mole the Flame’s woes.
“I hope I want to talk with the mysterious grains, the grains hail to become cold.
I do talk wiht the grains at one time.”
I extend my flame to the grains, the grains disappears in the moment…“
“The beautiful grains piled up on the ground.
The angelic grains does not remain around me…“
“To know that fact, I grieve.”
The Flame spoke worries sadly the Mole.

The Mole was thought to hear the Flame’s worries.
The Mole wanted to thank something that the Flame gave him gentle warmth.
But the Mole couldn’t be the only dig a hole.
The Mole flashed to after thinking.
The Mole dug a small hole beside the Flame.

"Okay! Good success! "
The Mole said to himself.
"Grains will enter here.
If the Flame doesn’t go near Grains, the Grains will remain undissolved."

The Flame thanked the Mole a lot.
The Mole went away and happy.

Winter of this year, Grains have been falling.

The Grains is going into the hole the Mole had dug.
The Flame would be pleased, the Flame spoke to Grains that remains undissolved.
The Grains thought the Flame was a hot , the Gains replied to the gentle Flame to care for myself.

The Grains’s name is Konayuki.
The Flame and Konayuki had a happy conversation until Konayuki melts.

The Flame talk to Konayuki , years and decades,the Grain falls in the year .

Many years had elapsed, Konayuki accumulates to become a water the hole to dug the Mole.
The hole became a pond to storing water, larger little by little.

At last, the hole dug by the Mole dug became large, The Grains’s water that is melted approached beside the Flame.

At that day, the Flame was small in contrast to Konayuki..
Konayuki left plenty of water in the hole.

Every year, the Flame became weakly and gradually.
The Flame heart’s desire came true, so the Flame passion was smaller….

The size of the Flame was smaller fleeting.
Hole Konayuki piled up was larger than the Flame.
The Grains position was reversed with the Flame.
Figure that Konayuki has changed to water.
Over time, The Grains become different Water washed away the Flame’s place.
End up Konayuki put out the Flame with reduced….

The Konayuki’s water mourned it.
With that Konayuki pursued the gentle Flame, Konayuki dug the ground, imperceptibly the hole became a way, a river, and pursued the Flame’s aspect went to sea.



『Powder snow & Flame & Pitfall』

“Hey, Santa Clause. Snow has been falling!”
“Oh! It’s true.”

The Santa Clause and a reindeer had seen powder snow that swooped down.
One person and one animal were standing there while looking at it.
Chilly …
Body of the reindeer trembled.

“Do you know a warm place somewhere?”
The reindeer asked the Santa Clause.
The Santa Clause has a gift .
He could watch beyond the horizon .
He used his ability.
He found a light in the distance.
The light was shining!
“Reindeer! Look straight ahead!
We can see the light!”
“Really! Let’s head to the place!
Please ride on my back!”

The moment the reindeer put on the Santa Clause back….
Suddenly gust blew , lights went out from their eyes ,it was dark on one side around.
A few minutes later, the space was covered with light , all at once the ground shook!
The ground broken, the cracks approaching one person and one animal!
“W,What happened…! Reindeer!”
“S, Santa Clause・・・!!!”

Natural disaster that occurred suddenly .
They could not understand the situation.
Sadly they fell to crack.

“Hi, Hiyori.
You put the powder in the cake very well, and you’ve erase the candle very good.”
The child is Hiyori. She is little girl.
She finished the cake, and she snuffed the candles.
Hiyori’s mother called out to her daughter merrily.
Light of the candles were gone, in the room became dark, fluorescent light in the room lit immediately.
“Let’ cut the cake!”

Hiyori raised a happy voice.
She cast an expectant look at the cake, saw the hand of her mother.
To hand the knife, she cut to clean the cake.

“Oh…" She cried small voice of surprise.
“Mom. Don’t drop ! Santa and reindeer’ chocolate dolls!”
Child saw it was a little angry with Mam.
“Oh, no! Sorry, Hiyori. Mom was bad…”
Mom apologized to her daughter with a smile.
“Well and good.”
Hiyori was returned to her mother smile.
“Please. Hiyori’s cake. Let’s eat.”
Santa and reindeer’ chocolate dolls were placed on top the cake dish Hiyori.
Happy moments of Christmas.
(But It was the 1st of fear for Santa and reindeer’chocolate dolls.)